Our Team is working hard to bring our first Annual Step Competition to the High and Middle School students of the District of Columbia.  By using the discipline and cultural facets of the expressive tradition of stepping, The Arch, Inc. will improve and develop participants by enhancing:

  • Academic Performance
  • Personal Character
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Physical Conditioning

We are a volunteer driven, youth program that uses the historical and cultural performance of STEP in order to enrich the lives of the District of Columbia youth while assisting in the development of essential skills necessary in order to become successful, productive collegiate scholars and future leaders of America.  The Arch Inc. will use the disciplinary, historic, and cultural aspects of step throughout the development of our youth.  The Arch Inc.’s mission is to inspire our youth to succeed within our program while linking students up with collegiate students and graduates in order to gear them towards pursuing a higher education.  Through the acts of community service, our youth will gain a sense of civic responsibility by venturing out into District of Columbia and assisting different organizations and areas of our community.

Our team won’t be able to do this without you!!  We need your help. If you CAN’T give your time, we still need your assistance.  Donate using the link https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/dRF1e?psid=ca58a9f5cca64d8ab616ad7deedbfe7d

Are you interested in creating a team at your school in the DC area? Are you a school in the DC area that already has a step team?  Would you like to volunteer?! Tell us your thoughts, ideas, and just let us know what you want to see!!! Complete the Contact Form Below….

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