The Arch, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that seeks to uplift and enrich the lives of the individuals and families through comprehensive programs and services.  Leadership, fellowship, and community development are very important aspects in all communities and when developed and nurtured, these aspects can change the atmosphere and mindset of the individuals and families in it.


The Arch, Inc. has a vision to provide comprehensive educational, social, cultural and economic services and programs to the communities in which it serves.


Our mission is to provide individual, family, and community services that fosters a sense of educational advancement, civic responsibility, and community development that will create a community that connects and effectively deals with change, conflicts, and issues together.


The Arch, Inc. seeks to provide an array of programs for individuals and families within a community in an effort to produce a legacy of leaders that will assist to strengthen families, create pathways of success for our youth, and help end social issues within the community and the world.  The mission of The Arch, Inc. is driven by the use of our four core values which are also used in creating an Arch Bridge.

These core values include:

– Design

– Build

– Connect

– Pave

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